Barbara Brady - Transformational Coach & Soul Guide

Barbara Brady - Transformational Coach & Soul Guide

Barbara Brady

Transformational Coach & soul GUIDE

Take my hand.

I've been there. I’ve struggled with the pain of not fitting in; trying to conform to living a conventional life when I’m a nonconforming free-spirit; believing I’m too sensitive, and that there must be something wrong with me because I didn't want what most of my friends seemed to want. I spent years living from ego and fear; making head-based decisions, giving my power away to others, & believing I needed to follow society's “rules” for a happy life; resulting in often living someone else’s recipe for my life instead of living my own, then feeling disconnected from myself and unfulfilled.

After experiencing several spiritual awakenings and spiritual transitions in my life, including "Dark nights of the soul" I finally started listening to and heeding the call of my soul’s discontent more often - which meant getting out of my head, re-connecting to my heart & spirit, embracing my sensitivity and following joy as my compass instead of limiting “rules”. I learned universal spiritual truths that transcend religion and started applying them to all areas of my life. I also decided to make my decisions in alignment with joy, & to live in surrender and trust. The result? 15 years ago I moved to a place I love, with a community of people I love, doing work that I love which makes a positive difference in peoples' lives; including cross-cultural & interfaith ministry, spiritual coaching, speaking and writing.

Divine Juicy Life is a program designed to support you in falling in love with yourself and all aspects of your life, whether you're flying solo or in a duo; the 5 flavors are designed to help you live a joyful, purposeful high vibe lifestyle that you love - providing gifts and resources that will uplift your life in the future.

As your Spiritual Coach, I'm here to help you find your way back home to your True Self, as I've helped hundreds since 2001; that Self found in your heart and soul that longs to express the love and joy that you are, while feeling safe, seen and appreciated.

I help you...

  • Embrace spiritual wisdom to find the purpose in any pain and turn it into the juice to live life fully and joyfully
  • Align in your divinity within, find it all around you
  • Learn how to live more often from love vs. fear
  • Trust your inner wisdom and in the universe to guide you
  • Raise your vibe high enough to hear The Divine's responses to your questions
  • Forgive yourself and others; release guilt and shame

I offer an oasis for you to live your divine juicy life, by guiding you to integrate your inner and outer worlds, so you can show up for yourself and others aligned, congruent, and in your joy. The results? Loving relationships - with yourself, others and your idea of The Divine; meaningful work and greater vitality, abundance, peace, freedom joy and success.

I give you permission.

I’m inviting you to take a journey. A journey home into your inner world, and parts of your outer world that you may have not explored in years, or ever. I love learning and am excited to share what I’ve learned and am still learning about coming home to myself, through decades of rich and diverse experiences, including 30+ years: Success in the business/corporate world, personal & spiritual development, living & traveling in the U.S. and overseas, cross-cultural and transitions coaching, grief recovery, communication skills training, interfaith ministry, writing, painting, speaking, holding sacred space in workshops, ceremonies & retreats and so much more. The older I get, the more I’m finding joy and aliveness in even the simplest of things, the more I’m coming home to myself. And I want to help you do the same.

What I offer

I walk you back home, to dwell in an oasis where you can…

  • Apply universal spiritual wisdom to angst, pain, & grief for clarity, peace, freedom and living fully
  • Realize your inherent worthiness and lovability, devoid of your job, titles, accomplishments, money, relationships or material things
  • Discover and appreciate the presence of the divine in the simple everyday physical world, through the senses
  • Be true to yourself and express your unique, creative voice in ways that empower and enliven you
  • Create authentic, nourishing relationships (including the one with yourself) based on allowing, honor, trust, vulnerability and appreciation
  • Find/enhance your connection to Spirit/The Divine

Symptoms You're in Emotional or Spiritual Pain

  • You feel disconnected from yourself
  • You don’t take good care of your body
  • You can’t be with yourself in silence doing nothing for even 10 minutes
  • You indulge in addictive behaviors- e.g. social media, alcohol, food, drugs, TV, relationships, workaholism, shopping, etc.
  • You have unhealthy relationships
  • You tend to put other’s needs above your own
  • You don’t speak up for yourself or set healthy boundaries
  • You don’t trust yourself
  • You’re out of touch with your dreams
  • You’re struggling to forgive yourself or another
  • You’re holding on to shame or guilt
  • You don’t open yourself up to others
  • You don’t treat or appreciate yourself
  • You don’t feel free to be yourself
  • You feel anxious, depressed or lonely
  • You’re stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out
  • You’re easily irritated, frustrated or triggered
  • You speak unkindly to yourself: “That was stupid” “I hate myself” I’m a fat slob”
  • You feel empty inside
  • You don’t feel much aliveness or joy
  • You feel isolated and alone
  • You’re out of touch with your dreams
  • You feel like you have no or very few gumballs in your gumball machine…

Pain I've struggled with and can help you through includes...

  • Pain of not feeling safe to express all my feelings
  • Pain of not being accepted as I was
  • Pain of living from my head vs. heart – disconnected from myself
  • Pain of not trusting myself
  • Pain of not feeling good enough
  • Pain of not fitting in and feeling alone
  • Pain of doing work that wasn’t who I was
  • Pain of grief from loved ones dying
  • Pain of loss of faith
  • Pain of feeling stuck and treading water for months, not knowing which direction to take
  • Pain of not being true to myself in a relationship, work choice or where I lived
  • Pain of being true to myself, and others feeling upset or disappointed
  • Pain of relationship endings
  • Pain of loss of trust or betrayal
  • Pain of loss from multiple relocations
  • Pain of unfulfilled expectations, hopes and dreams
  • Pain of thinking I needed to follow someone else’s recipe a "happy" life
  • Pain of the gap between the life I was living, and who I knew I was deep down


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