The Divine Juicy Life Program is all about…


Shedding what’s not you, so you can live fully from your True Self: a joyful & meaningful life, integrating 5 key flavors…

Shift: From unresolved grief to using grief as alchemy to live life more fully. There are over 40 types of loss, including loss of: childhood, hopes & dreams, faith or trust, a beloved pet, person, identity, etc.
Old Life: Whatever hasn’t been released will affect you in adverse ways: heaviness, a closed heart, lack of trust, sickness, lost time at work, accidents, unproductivity, loss of vitality, joy, aliveness; increased irritability, sadness
New Life: Increased peace, openheartedness, trust, lightness, energy, mental clarity, happiness, positivity, living even more fully than ever before

Shift: Living at too fast a pace aligned with technology to slowing down to your natural rhythm, aligned with nature; dwelling in sight, sound, smell, taste & touch
Old Life: Stress, physical illness, breakdown in relationships, mindlessness, distraction, accidents, tiredness, lack of vibrancy and vitality, eating poorly – food is utilitarian vs. something to savor; disconnected from natural world
New Life: Presence, groundedness, appreciation, mindfulness, greater peace, improved health, more energy, vibrancy, vitality, connection

 Adult seriousness & with focus on “doing” for future goal-oriented results into childlike creativity & play with focus on “being” for present moment appreciation & joy 
Old Life: Not much fun; energy of pushing and making things harder; out of touch with intuition, so harder to solve problems; people don’t want to be around you; loss of energy and joy, unfulfilled, weaker immune system, frustrated, missing lifes’ precious moments, distracted, mood depends on results
New Life: Much more fun; playful, sensual, expressive, peaceful light; stronger immune system, fulfilled, more energy, easier to solve problems and be resourceful; people love to be around you; natural role model; attract more positivity into life, happy no matter what

Tolerating unhealthy, draining relationships into enjoying nourishing, energizing relationships
Old Life:  Increased anxiety, sense of disconnect with self and others, isolated, disempowered, depressed, distracted, drained; feel malnourished, not gotten, unsupported. Out of balance with doing and being in relationships
New Life: Peace, appreciation, feel deeply connected; nourished in mind, body, heart & spirit, energized, empowered, witnessed, seen, supported. Balance of being and doing.

Lack of soul connection & living from ego self to Soul connection and living from Higher Self
Old Life: Living at lower level of consciousness, ruled by fear-based ego; competitive, selfish, controlling, pushing, forcing, reactive, living from neck up 
New Life:  HIgher level of consciousness, grounded, trusting, ruled by love-based soul; collaborative, service focus, allowing, responding, in flow of life, living from integrated heart & head; can experience joy in midst of chaos and be the calm in the storm

Shift: Living from neck up (left brain) vs. the wisdom of your body, heart and soul (right brain) 
Old Life: Health issues, insomnia, a bland existence, lack of intimacy in relationships, inability to heal grief, disconnection, making choices out of alignment with who you really are, feeling blah & depressed; disconnected from your internal GPS
New Life: Connected at deeper level to self and others for more fulfilling relationships, easier decision making, life in flow vs. forced, more energy, aliveness, vibrancy, vitality, better health

Shift: Living someone else’s life (settling) vs. YOUR life & being true to yourself
Old Life: Loss of life force energy, decreased energy due to internal conflict; spending time questioning your path, worrying, feeling stuck or confused, not happy, attract lower vibe people
New Life: Amazing vitality and energy, feeling of deep peace and empowerment; positive role model for others, stronger immune system, healthier, attract higher vibe relationships, able to live purpose and die with no regrets

Shift: Focus on the external world (conditions) and not your internal one (cause), which shapes your external world
Old Life: At the whim of conditions in external world without knowing how to change them sustainably. Living in anxiety and stress, trying to control; giving power and energy away to others; disempowered, anxious, frustrated
New Life: Shifting internal mindset into one that’s grounded, peaceful, empowered, in flow; more energy cause not giving it away, more allowing, accepting, so happier; role model for others

Spiritual Coaching Juicy Life Wedge

Why Yellow?

Yellow (Yellow Gold) represents the container for the Divine Juicy Life Program because it symbolizes Divine illumination, joy and our spiritual power, essential qualities that infuse and enhance the Divine Juicy Flavors, bringing them to life, while serving as their sacred vessel.



The Flavors

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Soul Alignment

Grief Alchemy

Sensory Immersion

Nourishing Relationships

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