Feel free, in “The Flow”, a channel for the divine to express, and lighthearted, like a child!

CREATIVITY & PLAY - Shift from being a serious and rigid adult, obsessed with striving & “doing” for some future goal, into a more lighthearted, open and flexible youth who enjoys the present moment, trusting the process of allowing creativity & play to flow through them  

OLD LIFE: Not much fun; energy of pushing and making things harder; out of touch with intuition, so harder to solve problems; people don’t want to be around you; loss of energy and joy, unfulfilled, weaker immune system, frustrated, missing lifes’ precious moments, distracted, mood depends on results

NEW LIFE: Much more fun; playful, sensual, expressive, light; stronger immune system, fulfilled, more energy, easier to solve problems and be resourceful; people love to be around you; natural role model; attract more positivity into life; happy

  • Learn the benefits of play, including: enhanced problem solving, creativity and relationships, cultivates healing, strengthens immune system

  • Do a Play & Creativity Inventory to become aware of the Playful Creator within you for more fun and greater soul nourishment

  • Let go of outcomes and perfectionism while learning how to enjoy the creative process for more ease, fun, and creative projects fulfilled

  • Set a Play Date with yourself once a week to have non-productive fun for enhanced self-connection, greater insights and joy

  • Engage your younger self in a creativity/play conversation to see what wants to emerge for more holistic living, nourishing body, mind, heart & soul

Why Orange?

Orange represents the flavor of Creativity & Play because it’s the color of the sacral chakra, symbolizing creativity, joy, play and fun. It’s also the color of enthusiasm, curiosity and exploration. Orange promotes a sense of wellness, embodying vitality, strength, and flow.

“All work and no play doesn’t just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention.”
– Joline Godfrey


The Flavors

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Soul Alignment

Grief Alchemy

Sensory Immersion

Nourishing Relationships

Creativity & Play