Pause, ground in the NOW, appreciate and enjoy!

SENSORY IMMERSION - Shift from living at too fast a pace aligned with technology to slowing down to your natural rhythm, aligned with nature; dwelling in sight, sound, smell, taste & touch

OLD LIFE: Stress, physical illness, breakdown in relationships, mindlessness, distraction, accidents, tiredness, lack of vibrancy and vitality, eating poorly – food is utilitarian vs. something to savor; disconnected from natural world

NEW LIFE: Presence, groundedness, mindfulness, greater peace, joy, appreciation, improved health, more energy, vibrancy, vitality, connection

  • S L O W D O W N . . . and live aligned with the rhythm of nature instead of technology for greater groundedness, peace & presence

  • Create a “Joy List” based on sensory experiences & engage in these to feel grounded, uplifted & more fully alive

  • Develop mindfulness practices rooted in the sensory to be more present and peaceful and responsive vs. reactive

  • Hone your ability to experience beauty, wisdom and The Divine in ordinary sensory experiences for greater fulfillment and love of life

  • Increase your wellbeing by nurturing your mind, heart, body and spirit in healthy ways

Why Red?

Red represents the flavor of Sensory Immersion, as it’s the color of the root chakra which grounds and enlivens us through the physical world of the senses. Red energy helps us to be more present, appreciative and delighted, through our five senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

The five senses are the ministers of the soul.
-Leonardo da Vinci


The Flavors

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Soul Alignment

Grief Alchemy

Sensory Immersion

Nourishing Relationships

Creativity & Play